Inspired by the castle-like town hall in Horsham, Sussex, here seen coming into land after another night of adventure, Robert Mayfield has written stories in which strange and wonderful things come to pass when the flying castle roars off at the sound of the one o’clock bell in the early morning.

There are stories such as

The Human Cannonball,

Swifty the Elephant,

Sarah’s Pumpkin,

The Green Dragon

Gradually a world of wonder unfolds before the readers very eyes helped by characters such as Robin Aide, Ubiquitous, the ancient wizard, the ghostly Dan Roberts, and the five crew members of the flying castle, of which perhaps the strangest is Lucky Jim, the tiny green genie.

  1. The Time Chase introduces Robin and Ubiquitous in their early days of time travel.  The cover shows two wizards and two genies; there is Ubiquitous who takes Robin Aide, shown on the front cover, off on many journeys through time. Then there is Abdullah, the great genie, who is advising Robin they had better keep quiet rather than wake the sleeping Lucky Jim, the tiny green genie, who can be seen sleeping on the handle of Robin’s magic lamp!

Hear Robert read ‘Sarah’s Pumpkin’ one of his Flying Castle Stories, as he accompanies himself on the ukulele. (double click on Sarah’s pumpkin)

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